Tools for 64

This page presents some tools to handle 64 emulator archives, for transfer of data between PC and other devices, like Commodore printer, disk drive, and even original Commodore unit. You may not believe what your hardware may do in terms of connecting various devices.
Download them, make use of them. Every file has description inside it.
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  • Norton Commander © like File Manager for handling t64 and d64 files
  • Star utilities, create, list and extract many Commodore archive formats
  • maketape.arj 
  • Creates a t64 file and imports files into it
  • Manage a .d64 file
  • Displays directories of C64 archive files (DOS and UNIX) w/ makefile
  • Tools to manipulate .t64 files
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  • STA homepage - data transfer
  • Software for transferring and converting data between Commodores and PC's
  • 64HDD
  • A project to give hard-disk access to a C64 computer from a PC. All that is needed is software for PC (in MS-DOS), a special cable (easy to solder) and a C-64. There are other hardware projects on that page, like LCD display for C64, numeric keypad, new 64 kernel etc. Alternative cables: 1 2
  • CBM4Linux
  • And for the greatest operating system: Linux, kernel driver and API which gives you access to any serial CBM devices. You can copy software between machines. Needs special cable: XA1541 (which can be used with Star Commander).
  • Joystick 2 USB
  • Connect any joystick (for C64, Amiga, Atari etc.) to USB. You need Atmel programming skills, or you just can order it
  • Video output to Euro-SCART connector (better image quality). Soldering skills required .
  • Use your PC's HDD as a file server and load a t64 or d64 into your original Commodore 64 unit
  • Great program for PC <---> C64 data transfers, using Commodore disk drive
  • 64_print.txt 
  • Another way to connect a Commodore printer to a PC, with C source
  • 64blaz76.exe
  • Terminal emulator for modem connection between C=64 and PC
  • C64 tape loader using original cassette recorder and parallel PC port
  • Connect a Commodore based printer to a PC
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  • Various tools
  • C64S utilities w/ source
  • Convert 64 BASIC programs to Qbasic - MSDOS programs
  • Commodore ASCII to standard ASCII converter
  • C64 True type font 
  • A font for your PC which resembles the original font on a 64

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