Commodore - the legend continues

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The legendary computer is still alive, in our hearts, on our desks, and this webpage.
This is just another C=64 supported page.
It contains a list of emulators for download. Next, there are games for downloading (the interesting stuff). Tools may help you with a bit more advanced setups, with some complicated file formats, or if you'd like to connect your PC with some of the older equipment. When you exhaust all of the contents here, there are links with literally EVERYTHING you ever may wish for (for your Commodore, of course :)
Apart from games page, there is a separate screenshots page
Page with projects , more like my personal drawing board.

[ emulators ]

Excellent emulation (most of the games work), good user interface, some useful tricks (if you had only one joystick and you hated port 1/2 switching, it has a solution. It's not free.
C64 forever

Continuous development, based on VICE, has some preinstalled games and a commercial version which can ensure continued development in the future.
Multiplatform emulator, Windows, Linux... Quite a lot of advanced options. Some people claim it is the best (well, I use it). As user-friendly as it gets. I created some instructions It's open-source free software.

Ivan Capan homepage.Contact info: c64 (at)