Commodore FTP Sites

Commodore FTP sites

As of June 15, 1999

Most of the information provided below is from Howard Herman's Commodore FTP Sites list which provides listings of sites that have programs and such for the Commodore 8-bit family (such as the C64/128, Vic20 and PET computers).

PLEASE send E-mail with any corrections, updates, additions, changes, or sites that either have closed down or stopped carrying Commodore software to:

For the newsgroup version: Cameron Kaiser

Last updated: 15 Oct 1998
Description: Major site for the latest C64, C65 and C128 software.
The "/pub/cbm" directory breakdown for this site is as follows:
faq          :
hardware     :
hw           :
mags         :
media        :
ref          :
software     :
sw           :
Last updated: 15 Mar 1998
Description: Major world site for all CBM software, and also mirrored at Content includes: documentation, schematic diagrams, system firmware, test/demo diskettes, freely distributable software for all Commodore 8-bitters. C128 CP/M files are in the /pub/cpm directory tree.

Following is a list of some of the directories:
Last updated: 15 Oct 1998
Description: CMD's hardware and software support site for its programs and latest upgrades. Also, includes geos and many of the latest and best PD and shareware programs.

Last updated: 15 Jun 1996
Description: The official support site for Novaterm 9.5. Nick Rossi,, Novaterm's author writes: This site contains the most recent Novaterm version, archives, the individual files, the documentation in both CBM and standard ASCII, and any other information, news, new modules, or bug fixes that come along.
German Directory: /voyager/Novaterm/Deutsche
Description: A German translation of Novaterm 9.5.

FTP: ftp.Uni-Koeln.DE (
Last updated: 01 Sep 1997

FTP: (
Last updated: 01 Sep 1997
Description: CP/M software, most all of which will run on the C128. See C128, C64 and other branching directories for 1,000's of files.

Last updated: 15 Oct 1997
Description: Contains a few PD text and graphics adventures. A mirror of

FTP: (
Last update: 01 Sep 1997
Description: CP/M and various system files.
Also available by email from

Last updated: 01 Apr 1998
Description: Demoscene-oriented, a lot of demos, magazines, tools. Major site for the Plus4. Located in Hungary.

FTP: (
Last updated: 05 May 1994

Last updated: 01 June 1997
Description: Ballistic programs and source code. Read the READ.ME file in the /generic directory with the MORE command.

Last updated: 15 Oct 1997
Description: Contains a few PD text and graphics adventures. A mirror of

FTP: (
Last updated: 15 Nov 1998
Directory: /pub/cbm
Description: This site supports ONLY technical documents, references and specifications for CBM 8-bit programming. (For example, memory maps.) No binaries allowed.
Directory: /pub/cross
Description: Miscellaneous cross-assemblers.

Last updated: 15 May 1996
Description: Information on MIDI for the C64.

Last updated: 01 Jun 1997
Description: A Vic-20 ftp site, administered by Andreas Heitmann

Last updated: 15 Oct 1998
Description: A place for the latest release of The COMP.SYS.CBM FAQ

Last updated: 15 Oct 1998
Description: Site for c64 software.

Last updated: 15 Jun 1999
Description: The Computer Workshops shareware archive. Various downloadable utilities and games are also in this archive. Most programs are shareware/freeware. The directory tree is:
CWI-C64/      : Commodore 64 shareware and freeware releases,
                in .sda, .zip, .lnx format; includes Lynx
CWI-C64/old/  : Unsupported releases
CWI-MSDOS/    : MSDOS & Windows shareware & freeware in .zip format
D64-FORMAT/   : .D64 & .T64 games for emulators, in .zip
EMUL-UTIL/    : MS-DOS emulation utilities, viewers for 64 files,
                .D64 to GCR converters (Trans64, 64cpy212), copy1581, etc.
GAMES-C64/    : Commodore 64 games, in .lnx format
UTIL-C64/     : C64 utilities, interfaces and management programs
ETC-C64/      : Various other C64 utilities, including assemblers, etc.
UNIX/         : Unix utilities
TEXT-ARCHIVE/ : Text files of interest, usually in .gz format
incoming/     : Your uploads are welcomed here
                Uploads to incoming/ should be fixed
Last updated: 01 Apr 1998
Description: Contains the files necessary for operation of Color 64 BBS (/users/dynamite directory) and many of its mod files (/users/dynamite/mods directory). No uploads allowed.

Last updated: 08 Nov 1998
Description: Support for QWKRR128, Browser, The Internet for Commodore C64/128 Users book (cbm/info-txt/tifcu/), comp.binaries.cbm files, GoDot, and Dick Cunningham's ACUG/VCS Archive project. Uploads accepted via Email or through comp.binaries.cbm newsgroup. Maintained by Gaelyne Gasson and Dick Cunningham
 /cbm/Dialogue_128/          : Dialogue128 Freeware archives and
 /cbm/acugvcs                : Archive area for the ACUG/VCS project also
                               known as "A Touch of Class: Commodore
                               Classics" To go directly to this directory
 /cbm/bbs/                   : Vortexnet BBS archives
 /cbm/browser/               : Browser 128 disk directory archives
 /cbm/comal/                 : Comal archives
 /cbm/demos/                 : Demos received via comp.binaries.cbm
 /cbm/desterm/               : Desterm v2 archives
 /cbm/desterm/v3beta/        : Desterm v3 Beta archives
 /cbm/games/                 : Games (a few favourites, nothing major)
 /cbm/geos/                  : GEOS programs and utilities
 /cbm/graphics/              : Graphics and graphic utility programs
 /cbm/graphics/GoDot/        : GoDot support directory.
 /cbm/graphics/HM-Graphics/  : Graphics by Hugh McMenamin
 /cbm/hardware/              : Hardware related programs and utilities
 /cbm/incoming/              : New files received
 /cbm/info-txt/              : General & programming info text
 /cbm/info-txt/comp.sys.cbm/ : comp.sys.cbm FAQ files
 /cbm/info-txt/tifcu/        : The Internet for Commodore C64/128 users
 /cbm/info-txt/tifcu/1997/   : TIFCU mail list 1997 archives
 /cbm/info-txt/tifcu/1998/   : TIFCU mail list 1998 archives
 /cbm/lotto/                 : Lotto program
 /cbm/novaterm9.5/           : Novaterm 9.5 archives and utilities
 /cbm/novaterm9.6/           : Novaterm 9.6 support files
 /cbm/os/                    :
 /cbm/os/ace/                : ACE v16 archives
 /cbm/os/cs-dos/             : CS-DOS archives
 /cbm/qwkie/                 : QWKie archives
                               (C64 QWK offline mail reader)
 /cbm/qwkrr/                 : QWKRR128 (C128 QWK offline mail reader)
 /cbm/terms/                 : Assorted CBM term programs.
 /cbm/unarc_unzip/           : Archive utilities.
 /cbm/utils/                 : Catch-all disk, text and misc utility dir.
 /cbm/xplatform/             : Utils to help us bridge computer platforms.
Last updated: 01 Mar 1996
Description: This site contains technical documents, tools, and demos. No games. Uploads welcomed. The directory tree is:
INCOMING/    : all incoming stuff
emulation/   : emulators (x64, pc64win etc.)
misc/        : stuff which doesn't fit in the other categories
programming/ : programming-related stuff (assemblers, c, etc.)
demos/       : demos
graphics/    : graphics
music/       : music
tools/       : all kinds of tools (archivers,packers,noters etc.)
doc/         : documentation about everything
magazines/   : C=Hacking, disk magazines and disk books
os/          : place for alternative os's. At the moment only lunix
transfer/    : utilities to transfer between computer systems
Last updated: 15 Oct 1998
Description: Site maintained by TRIAD, electronic punks of Sweden, for distribution of TRIAD software. Due to space limitations, no uploads allowed.

Last updated: 15 Jun 1996
Description: Major online resource for NTSC demos, mags and utilities. 12 MB of files online and growing.

Last updated: 15 Oct 1997
Description: Mike Garamszeghy has released Herne Data Systems' C128 CP/M programs as freeware, at his WWW site.
             Included is:
(1) Jugg'ler 128, which will read/write more than 140 types of CP/M disks. (2) Scramb'ler 128, a disk encryption system. (3) C-128 CP/M Hacker's Toolkit, a group of several highly useful CP/M tools, including SPORT.COM which allows owners of CMD HD's, RAMLink's, and FD series drives to change partitions and directories from within CP/M. Also, technical info on C128 CP/M and disk drives, mainly for the programmer. As a long time user of many of these programs it is impossible to overstate how useful, reliable, and powerful this software actually is. Anyone using the C128's CP/M side should not be without.
This site is available only as a WWW page. C128 users can access this site by running LYNX from their ISP's (Internet Service Provider) shell account.
Last updated: 01 Jan 1998
Description: C64 games

Last updated: 15 Feb 1998
Description: Support site for GODOT additions. GODOT is the well known commercial C64 image processing program.
Directory: /ADettke/godotstuff
Last updated: 15 Feb 1997
Description: Site with lots of C64 games, for C64 emulators. Emulator files can be converted to run on the C64. See John Iannetta's C64 utility program on CompuServe.

*** As of the 6/1/99 FTP Site List it seems that this link will not allow anonymous FTP access per Cameron. I tried to gain access from this link and was also turned away.

Last updated: 01 Jan 1998
Description: New C64 European site with over 260 Megabytes of C64 emulator games, and the NemeSID's Collection.

Last updated: 01 Sep 1997
Description: A site with lots of C64 software.

Last updated: 01 Oct 1997
Description: Site maintained by Trasher & Riddler of Active.

Last updated: 01 Nov 1997
Description: Extensive C64 and C128 software collection, including packet radio, and more.

Last updated: 15 Nov 1997
Description: Site for C128 CP/M system and BIOS source code, and more.

Last updated: 01 Dec 1997
Description: A site named SHAFT!, and maintain by GCS of Ideal.Write.

Last updated: 01 Aug 1998
Description: The 'SYS PD' collection of files and programs, many in Swedish, and all in D64 format, which can be transferred to the C64.

Last updated: 15 Oct 1998
Description: When accessing by a browser, the directory tree did not display, until I clicked on the STOP icon. Site has CP/M, games, emulators, source code, and docs, etc. Most files are D64, zip's or gz's, the latter two can decompress on your ISP's Unix server.

Last updated: 15 Oct 1998
Description: Huge site with volumes of CBM software logically stored in orderly directories.

Last updated: 01 Jan 1999
Description: Site of the Digital Dungeon (HQ. for SCS*TRC) featuring games, demos, tools, and party pictures. Be sure to check into all the directories and sub-directories of this massive collection of CBM files, and the extensive collection of music files and music tools. Many files are UNIX zipped. Unzip in your ISP shell.

Last updated: 01 Mar 99
Description: Mirror site for The Digital Dungeon located in Williamsburg, VA. Huge collection of CBM files, music files, and music tools. See entry for the FTP site,, for details.

Last updated: 01 Jun 99
Description: European and Polish demo scene, advertising 650MB online.
Last updated: 01 Jun 1999
Description: Amazing both Howie and I forgot this one for so long. The premier 64 games archive online. Almost entirely .d64/.t64. Watch out for some faulty titles; please respect copyrights.

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