This is the page dedicated to games. You may download some games which are in .t64 or .d64 format only for emulators (most of them worked on C64S, but some only worked on CCS64, don't know why). This games are the ones that I enjoyed and still enjoy playing.
You could go to text version with short game descriptions and much more games.

-Heli Rescue Hunchback-
-Montezuma's Revenge Dino Eggs-
-Super Pipeline Klax-
-Marble Madness Night Mission-
-3D Pinball Power David's Midnight Magic-
-Olimpic Skier Ping Pong-
-Cloud Kingdoms Bounty Bob Strikes Back-
-Olli & Lisa Indiana Jones - Crusade-
-Saracen Octoplex-
-1942 1943-
-Wings of Fury Last Ninja 1-
-Sea Fox Falcon Patrol-

-Bomb Jack 2
Bubble Bobble-

Colossus Chess-

Into the Eagle's nest-

-Fire Ant

-Giana Sisters
Leaderboard Golf-

-Lode Runner
Miner 2049'er-

Operation Wolf-


-Rick Dangerous

Jeep Command-

-Donald Duck
Mr. Robot-

Skool Daze-

-Star Quake

- L.E.D. Storm
D0n.k.3y K.0n.g-

- Hard 'n' Heavy
Olympic Skier-

-  Tetris
Chess -

-  Impossible Mission
Blue Max -

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